Dividend Policy

It is our fundamental principle to reward our shareholders by increasing corporate value. We endeavor to distribute dividends while ensuring appropriate reserves for business growth and enhancing the corporation structure from a long-term prospective. Our policy for determining the dividend is to maintain a consolidated payout ratio of 25% to 30% while paying an annual dividend of at least 30 yen per share.

2018/03 2019/03 2020/03 2021/03 2022/03 2023/03
Dividend Per Share(yen) 1Q ------
2Q 10.0010.0010.0015.0015.0015.00
3Q ------
FY-End 30.0030.0065.0045.0025.0030.00
Total 40.0040.0075.0060.0040.0045.00
Amount of Dividends(million yen) 1,7381,7383,2592,6081,738-
Payout Ratio(%) 49.826.740.929.727.530.1
Ratio of Total Amount of Dividends to Net Assets(%)