In Japan, a country with scarce natural resources, steel scraps are the only type of resource in which the country is self-sufficient. The steel minimill business functions as a venous industry in the cycle of steel resources, using electric furnaces to melt steel scraps and return them to society as rebars and other steel products for construction works. At KYOEI STEEL, we have always conducted our business with a keen awareness of this role that steel minimill companies play in society. We are operating a community-based business in various areas in Japan, where we use the steel scraps generated in each area to produce steel products and supply them to local construction sites. KYOEI STEEL is also a pioneer in the material recycling business, specialized in the melting treatment of medical waste and industrial waste using the arc heat of electric furnaces, which reaches a few thousand degrees Celsius. Through the operation of steel minimills, we play a role in building a recycling-oriented society, where increasing amounts of waste are properly treated while products are produced.

Meanwhile, the steel minimill industry is not an exception in that structural improvement is a crucial issue to be addressed in response to the rapidly changing economic environment. Furthermore, steel is an undifferentiated product and therefore is always affected by market forces. To survive and grow in such an environment, we have to be a manufacturer that customers choose. In addition to ensuring a stable supply of high-quality products, we believe it is important to meet the needs of customers in areas including delivery and gain their trust. And to achieve these goals, we need to further reinforce the structure of our company.

Keeping in mind the spirit behind Japan’s culture of monozukuri (manufacturing) as well as our aspirations for contributing to our society, we will continue taking on new challenges and move forward with our business so that we can live up to the trust of all stakeholders and meet their needs.