Line of Business



The Company's material recycling business utilizes the heat from electric arc furnaces reaching thousands of degrees Celsius to melt and render potentially infectious medical waste and industrial waste harmless. It was the first commercially successful business of that kind established by a Japanese minimill company and has been operating for over 20 years. 
We have been patented the MESSCUD system, which distributes specially designed containers for medical waste to contracting medical institutions, collects them and melts the waste in an electric arc furnace together with the containers.
Furthermore in 2005, we built a gasification furnace to complement the electric arc furnace at the Yamaguchi Division and developed a system that reuses automobile shredder residue (ASR) and organic non-metal waste.
The gas produced by this system is used in the rolling process at the same plant.

Melting treatment to make industrial waste completely harmless using an electric arc furnace

  • Treatment of potentially infectious medical waste: MESSCUD system®
  • Melting treatment of general and industrial waste

Waste treatment and fuel gas production with a gasification furnace

Treatment of waste beverages

  • Decomposition of out-of-specification beverages using bacteria

Controlled landfill site

  • 148,500 ㎥ of land in the Yamaguchi Division
    Eventually, 184,800 ㎥ of land with a 1 million ㎥ landfill volume