High-strength threaded rebars that can be used for all types of structures that are made by connecting rebars.

KYOEI STEEL’s “Tough Threaded Rebars” are high-strength threaded rebars that can be used for high-rise buildings, bridge supports for highways and railroads, and all other types of structures that are made by connecting rebars. 

They facilitate the task of connecting rebars, improve the quality of work while reducing construction time, and allow the vertical extension of reinforced concrete buildings. 

“Pursuing more powerful materials.” Challenges for the future.

Tough Threaded Rebars are hot-rolled threaded rebars that are certified to meet JIS (G3112) and approved by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
With the use of special joint members, Touch Threaded Rebars can be used in various construction methods without requiring the training and skills that are necessary for connecting rebars in building construction. They offer a total cost reduction by saving labor and reducing construction time.
In addition, they are powerful rebars that provide improved safety and quality. 

  • Certified and approved rebars. 
  • Contribute to the improvement of safety without the use of thermal power. 
  • Unaffected by weather conditions, contributing to the reduction of construction time.
  • Save skilled labor by training construction supervisors.
  • Allow the visual inspection of joints.
  • Provide joints of stable quality.