Generally referred to as “TOUGH-CON,” these tough and easy-to-handle concrete reinforcing bars are the flagship products of KYOEI STEEL.

Recognized for their excellent quality, they are used in high-rise buildings and nuclear power facilities. 
Our concrete reinforcing bars are designed with improved strength, tensile strength, fatigue strength, and adhesion to concrete, meeting all the requirements of concrete reinforcing bars. 

High performance, high quality TOUGH-CON

Generally referred to as TOUGH-CON, KYOEI STEEL’s concrete reinforcing bars are characterized by their high performance and high quality. As excellent concrete reinforcing materials, they are widely used in building structures and civil engineering structures, such as reinforced concrete (RC) construction and steel-framed reinforced concrete (SRC) construction, contributing to society in many ways. 

Our TOUGH-CON products are also used in nuclear power facilities, high-rise SRC structures, and large-scale civil engineering structures, all of which require high performance. This is why they are designed with high performance and high quality (strong, tough, and large in diameter) to meet the required structural performance. They are safe and reliable to use.