Supporting society with a wide range of products centered on rebars


The steel minimill business, wherein steel scraps generated in each region are recycled locally into products, is a business model of local production for local consumption.The Kyoei Steel Group produces steel products at four domestic production bases, supporting local social infrastructure.

No.1 market share for rebar in Japan

Concrete reinforcing bars (rebars), the mainstay of our group, are fundamental materials for construction and civil engineering work, and will continue to play an important role in supporting society. In Japan, the four regions of Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chushikoku (Chugoku and Shikoku) and Kyushu are major areas of demand for rebars where large cities are located, accounting for approximately 70% of domestic demand.
The Kyoei Steel Group is the only steel minimill company that has production and sale bases in all the four regions, and maintains the largest domestic market share of concrete reinforcing bars.*
 * Reference: data from the Japan Iron and Steel Federation (total of Kyoei Steel and its 100% subsidiary Kanto Steel)

Large variety of products

Our group offers a large variety of products, including the mainstay concrete reinforcing bars (rebars); merchant bars such as flat bars, I beams, equal angle bars and round bars; and threaded rebars (Tough Threaded Rebars®) and joints for threaded rebars, which are indispensable for high-rise condominiums that require high comfort and for tough civil engineering constructions. We produce approximately 300 grades and sizes of steel products.
Merchant bars are produced in the Yamaguchi Division, while threaded rebars and joints are produced in the Nagoya Division, and they are sold nationwide.

For details, refer to “Product Information.”