Messcud is a system for melting medical and industrial waste to completely recycle it and make it safe and it involves steps ranging from intermediate processing to controlled final disposal.

A wide variety of medical waste is generated by hospitals and clinics such as syringe needles and barrels, scalpels, diagnostic equipment, and other items that come in contact with fluids. The risk of infection of diseases such as hepatitis B and AIDS has become a problem in recent years and the unlawful dumping of infected syringes and medical containers contaminate the environment. As a result, there came to be a need to establish a safe and secure disposal method for medical waste. In response to this need, we at Kyoei Steel put our steel manufacturing know-how to use and developed the completely non-toxic "Messcud System" (patented). It melts this medical waste by efficiently using intensely heated electric furnaces at temperatures of over 2000°C. Through agents, we are expanding our uniform system of medical waste collection, transport, and disposal throughout the country.