We aim to help resolve social issues
in Japan and overseas and further enhance corporate value

Domestic Steel Business

Secured superiority through the wide range line-up of products and production bases covering major demand area

Our group has plants in all major demand areas: the Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chu-Shikoku and Kyushu regions.
We supply steel products, recycling from steel scrap generated in each region.
This means production and sale can respond to different market trends in each region, and CO2 emissions through transportation can be reduced.


Overseas Steel Business

Growth strategy based on a Global tripolar structure: Japan, Vietnam and North America

In Japan, due to the declining population, a significant increase in steel demand is considered unlikely.
Meanwhile, global steel demand continues to grow.
Our group also operates steel business in Vietnam, a growing market, and North America, a mature market.
We aim to grow the entire group under the Grobal tripolar structure.

Material Recycling Business

Increasing earning opportunities through the material recycling business and the global steel-related business.

Our group established waste disposal technologies using electric arc furnaces approximately 30 years ago.
Since then, we have steadily expanded our business fields.
Furthermore, we are working to increase earning opportunities through the steel-related business, such as the iron casting, and port operations in Vietnam.