Our base in the Chubu area (centred japan) 
is equipped with a DC electric arc furnace with Japan's first Consteel system that allows continuous scrap conveing mill preheating.
As well as producing deformed bars in a full range of sizes, we at Nagoya Division also focus on development of threaded-type rebars, which meet the diverse needs of our customers.

ISO9001: 2000 "JQA-QM3457" Certified on June 18, 1999 


Nagoya Division
809-1 Shinmasanari-hitsujinokiri, Tobishima-village, Ama-county, Aichi 490-1443 Japan
TEL (0567)55-1088(main) FAX (0567)55-2380(main) 

Production items

Deformed bars, threaded-type rebars, rebars for cold weather

Steel fabricated products

Joints for threaded-type rebars

Plant and equipment

Consteel type scrap conveyer and preheater
110t DC electric arc furnace (95MVA transformer)
Automatic submaterial feeding system
Direct suction dust collector/building dust collector
PSA type oxygen gas generator
Ladle refining furnace
Five-strand continuous casting machine (w/ electromagnetic agitator)
Hot billets transferor
110 tons/hr continuous reheat furnace
Continuous type small-medium rolling mill
125m cooling bed