For Society

We face our stakeholders with honesty and strive to build better relationships with them through dialogue, while fulfilling our corporate responsibilities. 
Aiming to become a company that can continue to provide value while gaining the trust of society, we value our relationships with our stakeholders.

Stakeholder Engagement

Commitment to customers

Stakeholder Engagement

To continue to provide safe and reliable products and services for our customers, quality-related governance should be strengthened. We have thus set up the Central Quality Control Committee under the direct control of the President, where members, including those in management positions, examine the quality assurance agenda and give instructions for improvement. 
We also hold quality staff meetings four times a year as opportunities to share information within the entire Group for quality improvement, and to examine matters that should be submitted to the Central Quality Control Committee.

Development of a hot surface defect detector for stable product supply

As part of the initiative to enhance our quality improvement technology, we jointly developed a hot surface defect detection device for steel products (steel bars and merchant bars) with our Group subsidiary MSK Japan Co., Ltd., and installed it in all Divisions in Japan. 
By employing the thermal imaging method to detect and identify defects from difference in heat distribution, we maintain the quality of products of all types and sizes.

Commitment to Employees

Workstyle reform

Kyoei Steel, whose main business is the steel minimill business, has operated its mills mainly on weekends and at night, when electricity prices are low. 
But in recent years, in line with the expansion of renewable energy, such as solar power generation, utilization of ample surplus energy during weekday daytimes has been increasingly promoted. 
Under these circumstances, for the purpose of encouraging workstyle reform, we have been reviewing the operating days and hours of our mills according to the power supply system. 
Kanto Steel, our Group company, has made Sundays holidays, and reduced operating hours on Saturdays. It has also substantially reduced work at night and on holidays. 
Moreover, to create opportunities for employees to be prepared to play international roles, various programs are offered for the development of fully internationalized human resources, including a program for personnel exchange with overseas operation sites, a program to provide financial assistance for English conversation lessons, and training programs before overseas assignment. 
Also, for the promotion of employees’ health, we not only offer regular health checkups but also provide financial assistance for comprehensive medical examinations, offer mental health training, and have set up mental health consultation desks outside the Company, with the aim of developing lively and healthy human resources.

Commitment to Shareholders and Investors

Disclosing IR information

To increase the transparency of management and fulfill the accountability of a company, we provide information to our shareholders and investors through various IR events and tools for information disclosure. 
We also work to continue stable dividend distribution while securing internal reserves for the improvement of corporate value.

■ Dividends per share

Commitment to Local Communities

The MESSCUD Medical Treatment Safety Fund

The MESSCUD Medical Treatment Safety Fund donation ceremony (at Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
The MESSCUD Medical Treatment Safety Fund donation ceremony (at Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

The MESSCUD Medical Treatment Safety Fund was established in June 2002, based on our desire to contribute not only to proper treatment of medical waste but also to medical activities and the development thereof. 
The fund is accumulated with support from collection/transportation companies, intermediate treatment companies, treatment facility lenders, etc. related to the MESSCUD business, which contribute certain amounts according to the volume handled, and is donated to domestic medical organizations every year.

Development Center as an evacuation building

In 2012, we opened the Development Center in the Nagoya Division for the purpose of further strengthening our development capabilities. 
This facility also functions as an evacuation building in the event of a major earthquake, embodying the spirit of Kyoei Steel: “We value people and technology.” 
It is designed so that all the employees of the Division and evacuees from the neighborhoods can safely evacuate. (The evacuation space can accommodate 300 people.) 
(Concluded an agreement with Tobishima Village to designate the building as a temporary tsunami evacuation center)

Fund for Contribution to Local Communities

The fund for contribution to local communities was established as part of our 70th anniversary commemorative project, to continue our social contribution activities through donations to the neighborhoods of each Division. 
Donations are made to a broad range of groups and organizations engaged in social contribution activities, including activities for environmental conservation, next-generation development, safety and disaster prevention, and regional revitalization.

Commitment to Partner Companies

We make efforts to strengthen relationships of trust with our partner companies and achieve mutual development.