Head Office and Division

Hirakata Mill, Hirakata Division

Our major production base in the Kansai area, equipped with a closed system to prevent pollution, specializes in small-size.In stalled the world's first large-scale UHP electric arc furnace and the run-in-trough cooling bed with brake for high-speed rolling, Hirakata Mill produces deformed bars, round bars, and structural round bars.

Location 3-1-1 Nakamiya Oike, Hirakata-city, Osaka 573-0004 Japan
TEL (072)849-3224(main) FAX (072)849-3218(main)
Production items Deformed bars, round bars, structural round bars
Plant and equipment 70t AC electric arc furnace
Automatic submaterial feeding system
Scrap preheater
PSA-type oxygen gas generator
Four-strand continuous casting machine
Direct suction dust collector/building dust collector
Totally closed type water treatment system
80t/hr continuous reheat furnace
Two-strand rolling mills
90m cooling bed (Patent No.2024092)
Automatic counting/binding devices