Steel bars for reinforced concrete

Steel bars for reinforced concrete
Concrete reinforcing bars

KYOEI STEEL’s concrete reinforcing bars are designed to meet all the requirements of steel bars for concrete reinforcement.

Threaded-type rebars and joints for threaded-type rebars

Threaded-type rebars

Threaded-type rebars
Threaded rebars

High-strength rebars that are hot rolled and threaded. They are ideal for the jointing and anchoring of rebars.

Joints for threaded-type rebars

Inorganic Grout Joint
Inorganic grout joints

Standard lock nut type mortar joints that are reliable and require no skilled labor to use.

Nutless Joint
Nut-less joints

Designed for higher work efficiency, these mechanical joints use ultra high-strength grout and require no lock nuts.

Epoxy Grout Joint
Epoxy grout joints

Easy-to-use joints that employ a quick-setting epoxy and require no lock nuts.

W-screw Joint
W-threaded joints

Coupler-type mechanical joints that require no pitch adjustment. They allow the coupling of rebars that are fixed at both ends.

Tuff Lock Joint
Tough lock joints

Quick and easy installation by twisting! New types of joints for a concrete joint surface!

Concrete Joint
Joints for a concrete joint surface

Joints for keeping a concrete joint surface neat!
A jointing method in which rebars do not stick out.

Tuff Screw Nut
Tough threaded nuts

Nuts that enable a threaded mechanical anchoring that simplifies the finishing of rebar installation and helps increase the productivity during construction.

Tuff Head
Tough heads

Standard products to be used for an environmentally friendly mechanical anchoring that requires no grouting materials.

Flat steel

Flat steel
Flat bars

Widely used flat bars for various industrial machines, steel frame structures, and automobile parts.

I beams

I beams

I-beams that are ideal for residential drain covers (gratings).

Angle steel

Angle steel
Equal angle bars (angles)

These angles can be used for a variety of applications including reinforcement of buildings, support frames, and members for plant facilities and machinery.

Structural round bars

Structural round bars
Round bars

General-purpose steel products that can be used to meet a wide range of needs, such as large-scale construction machinery, bolts, and members for tools.



Square bars of steel made by melting scraps in an electric furnace and adjusting components before solidifying.